Experience of use Odry Cream

Experience of using Odry Cream by Maria from Krakow

Photo of the hand cream from the review of Alice from Krakow on Odry Cream

My name is Maria, I live in Krakow and I just love testing new skin care products. Every girl knows how hard it is to find a really high quality face cream, but here in Poland it is hard to find an effective product, even at an affordable price. It is clear that when I saw Odry Cream, I could not pass and I immediately ordered a trial. I want to share my experience of using this tool - it might be useful for someone.

Cream review

Quite by chance I saw Odry Cream - I noticed a nice jar in a friend’s house. We got into a conversation and she said that this cream replaced her regular visits to the beautician. Of course, I was very impressed with this result and on the same day I ordered the cream for myself.

There is nothing complicated with the order: just leave a request in the feedback form and they will call you right away. Of course, I arranged the right test for the manager: I was interested in what is in the composition, to whom the cream is suitable, how to use the new product. We must pay tribute, the operator advised me very kindly, answered all questions and gave some useful recommendations. My order arrived in Krakow two days later, I paid for the package at the post office and immediately ran home to test the new product.

What I want to emphasize:

  • the cream has a subtle pleasant scent;
  • consistency is light, absorbs quickly;
  • the product does not leave a greasy film;
  • it does not conflict with serums and decorative cosmetics.

I tested with different foundations, serums, essences - in all cases the cream left excellent hydration, did not slip and did not feel on the face at all. But those are all little things, let’s talk about the effect.

My result

How Odry Cream rejuvenated Maria from Krakow

The instructions for use are very simple: apply the cream in the morning and evening, use as much as you want. In fact, this is a care product, not a medicine, so there are no specific recommendations for use.

I just washed my face with foam, then wiped it with a tonic and applied the cream. Sometimes I used a serum, but it is not necessary, because the cream already contains an anti-aging serum based on peptides and plant stem cells.

I used Odry Cream for 2 months, I noticed that the effect is cumulative.

The first week

From day one, I noticed that the product moisturizes the skin perfectly. After the first application, the skin is soft and hydrated, radiant with health. This effect accumulated during the week - I received compliments from colleagues and girls.

Another week

From the second week of using Odry Cream, I noticed that the contour of the face became clearer, the nasolabial folds reduced. I tried to apply the product under the eyes - it did not cause irritation, the delicate skin of this area perfectly accepted the cream.

Third week

In the third week, I noticed that the age spots began to glow. The complexion became even and healthy, the skin tightened, small wrinkles almost disappeared, and deep ones were slightly reduced.

Two months later

I only used the product for two months and during that time I became 10 years younger! My skin is the same as at the age of 23 - even, taut, elastic. Wrinkles around the eyes and lips have completely disappeared, nasolabial folds have been reduced by about 80%, and the hated wrinkles on the forehead have almost completely disappeared. I have a clear oval face again, I hear compliments regularly and my friends keep asking what anti-aging procedures I do.